Attendance Info

Attendance and Vacations If your child is absent from school, it is your responsibility to inform the school by emailing or by calling the office at 252-3230 by 8:50 a.m.  If you are leaving a message, please let us

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule 8:40          Breakfast is served in the lunchroom. Only students who are eating       breakfast or involved in a before school activity are permitted in the building. Playground supervision begins at 8:40. 8:50      

Drop Off and Pick Up Safety Procedures

Morning Drop-off: Adult supervision begins at 8:40 am – do not drop off your student prior to that time. Starting Monday, September 18th, morning drop off will take place on NE 80th St.  When you drop off students, please drop

Bus Transportation Info

  BUS TRANSPORTATION School bus pick up/drop off is located on NE 77th St   GREEN CARDS If temporary changes in bus stop or routes are necessary so children can go home with friends, or for other reasons you

School Lunch Program

Prices Breakfast     $2.00 Lunch         $3.00 Milk            $ .50   The link to Breakfast/Lunch menu calendars on the District’s website is: Paying for School Meals We offer a variety of convenient ways to pay for school meals.  Checks (made out

SPS Volunteer Paperwork

The volunteer packet is required for ALL those who wish to chaperone fieldtrips or volunteer in classrooms or for school events. All volunteer packets MUST be completed and returned to the Main Office by October 31st, 2017 at 4 p.m.. Late paperwork

Decatur Elementary


 Our Vision

Decatur Elementary School provides a stimulating and culturally enriching experience through a rigorous curriculum that integrates technology, science, and the arts. Our goal is to instill a life-long passion for learning in an emotionally supportive environment that will enable students to contribute their wisdom, compassion, and leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Professional Commitments

Our teachers continue to grow professionally and value professional development as an essential part of their professional lives.  Working collaboratively, we design and implement engaging curriculum that is academically rigorous and meets the needs of complex thinkers.

We are committed to providing service learning opportunities to empower students to become involved in the local community and become activists.

Our beliefs:

  • The development of social-emotional and life skills is as important as the development of academic skills.
  • Children benefit from being a part of a school community in which cultural, academic and social diversity is valued and respected.
  • Advanced learners excel when they are given the opportunity to pose meaningful questions and support their conclusions through evidence based research.

Student Beliefs about Decatur:

  • “Students respect one another’s differences”
  • “I can learn and be prepared for my life ahead of me”
  • “Nobody gets left out and each day brings a new and exciting adventure”
  • “I am accepted for who I am”
  • “Everyone is appreciated and no one is underestimated”
  • “I feel like I can be free with my ideas because we have so many fun and creative activities”
  • “Teachers help us with the things we struggle with and challenge us to step an inch out of our comfort zone”