Stretch Your PTA Donation Even Further

Your donation can be increased significantly when paired with an employer’s matching program. Many large businesses, including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Expedia, Gates Foundation, and Boeing, match tax-deductible donations to non-profit organizations, such as the Decatur Elementary PTA.

We’ve compiled a list of companies that have Matching Programs here. If you find yours on the list, please consider taking advantage.


Our Information:

Decatur Elementary PTA
7711 43rd Ave NE
Seattle, WA  98115
Tax ID: 82-0726731
PTA Name: Decatur Elementary PTA 6.15.5


Not Sure if Your Employer Offers this Benefit?

  1. Check with Human Resources to find out if a matching program is offered.
  2. Email us. We’ll add them to the list and get the word out to our community!