Save the Date:
Wednesday, January 3
Forum: Will Seattle Schools Be Fully Funded in 2018-19
Join the PTAs of Decatur Elementary, Hamilton, B.F. Day, and John Stanford, at 7:30pm on January 3rd in the Hamilton International Middle School library to hear from our local legislators on how Seattle will be impacted by recent and upcoming legislation (including potential restrictions on local levies and budget shortfalls) and what you can do about it.

Panelists will include:
Washington State Senator Jamie Pedersen (District 43)
Washington State Representative Nicole Macri (District 43)
Seattle Public Schools Director Rick Burke (District 2)
Seattle City Councilman Rob Johnson (NE Seattle)

We’ll hear from each member of the panel as well as take questions from parents. To make sure we have time to address your questions, please send them in advance to Hamilton PTSA Legislative Liaison, Sam Bell, at Or post your questions at our Facebook Event page,

Parents are already asking questions such as:

  • Will the fields at the Wallingford Playfield be upgraded to turf so that Hamilton Middle School, Lincoln High School, and local soccer clubs be able to use them? Are fields and athletics considered part of what the State needs to fund? If a local responsibility, who pays?
  • At Lincoln High School, the current capital levies only allow for renovating the academic spaces. There is no or limited money to repair the auditorium, which is used by multiple schools. Are arts part of a basic education and is funding a State responsibility?
  • Why are there restrictions placed on local levies, including the amount raised and how the funds are used? Why do levies require more than a majority vote? Will those restrictions be removed in the upcoming legislative session?
  • When will the legislature define what constitutes a basic education?